How to Empty Trash on Samsung Phone and Why It’s Important

Nowadays, smart phones are the most used gadget and most of us carry it around with us all the time. Even though we have an option to remove data from our device such as photos and videos, it is still very hard to remove certain files from our phone.

One such file is the trash or Deleted Data folder. If you need to empty your trash on your Samsung phone, then this guide will help you.

When we delete a file from our device or app, that file goes into the trash folder with a name like “DeletedData-20190203-112317_1957” along with other pieces of information that make up a specific file. To empty out this trash folder, first find out how to get into your phone’s settings menu by pressing both volume

What is Empty Trash on Samsung Phone

This is sourced from, Empty Trash on Samsung Phone is an app that the users can use to manage all the deleted data on their Samsung device. This app has been designed to help you manage your phone’s storage and delete old data when necessary.

This app is designed for Samsung devices running on Android OS versions 4.1 or later and have at least 1 GB RAM memory. Empty Trash on Samsung Phone can be downloaded from Google Play Store for free.

Why Empty Trash on Samsung Phone

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has a unique feature that lets users know if the device is running low on RAM. This feature is called “Empty Trash” and it’s not exactly what it sounds like.

While the app doesn’t delete files from your phone, it does clear the available RAM on your device by moving content to an unused part of the device’s memory. This frees up space for more apps to run in the background.

Empty Trash also has an additional upgrade that lets users turn off notifications for their apps when they are running low on RAM (similar to turning off notifications altogether). The notifications will go back on when you’re back online and can use your phone again!

Advantages of Empty Trash on Samsung Phone

A particular brand of smartphones which is produced by the South Korean electronics company, Samsung, comes with a feature called Empty Trash.

This feature automatically deletes photos, videos and any other data that you have downloaded on your phone. This is a handy feature to use when you want to free up some space on your phone’s internal storage.

The Empty Trash feature not only helps users manage their storage but also helps them keep their devices secure from any potential cyber attacks. It protects your personal data which might be used for phishing or identity theft attempts.

How to Empty Trash on Samsung Phone with Other Apps

Many people simply find it tedious to delete their data and photos from their Samsung phones. Despite the fact that Samsung recently introduced a new feature in its phone, deleting the data is still not as simple as it should be. It is time for you to learn how to empty trash on your Samsung phone with other apps. Here are some of the applications you should use for this purpose.

We hope this guide helps you out whenever you need a clean slate

Don’t Empty Trash on Samsung Phone If…

Samsung is the world’s top smartphone brand. One of the most popular features Samsung phones offer is their multi-tasking capability. However, there are some issues with this feature and they can be fixed by following a few simple steps.

If you’re experiencing a slow down or an error on your Samsung phone, you likely have some issues with the app or system cache. In order for your phone to work properly again, you should clear the cache and delete any temporary files that might still be on your device.

How to Cancel Empty Trash on Samsung Phone

You can easily cancel the empty trash on Samsung phone with a few steps.

  1. Swipe down twice on the home screen.
  2. Navigate to the settings icon on top left corner of your screen.
  3. Scroll down to “Display” and tap it three times to open the menu and then tap “Security.”
  4. Tap “Empty Trash” 5x to delete all content and empty your phone’s trash history
  5. The final step is disabling autopilot mode for your device for better protection

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